The Inspired Way began with a question, "What is the key ingredient to living an inspired, purpose-driven life?"


The result is a beautiful collection of inspiration and insight for living your ideal life from 22 creative women.


Inside, you'll find stories and words of hope, support, encouragement and, most of all, wisdom. Click the cover to download your free copy, or preview the book first.





“The Inspired Way offers bite-sized morsels of wisdom and encouragement, to dip into whenever inspiration is needed. These talented women have embraced their dreams, trusting the net would appear. And their leaps of faith have set them firmly on creative paths once only imagined.”


Tara Bradford is a writer and photographer living in Amsterdam.

“The Inspired Way is a treasure trove of guidance, love and inspiration for passionate and creative women everywhere. As someone who usually skims through books, I made myself slow down so that I could savor everything each contributor had to offer. The Inspired Way is inspiring and energizing – it further confirms that we are all incredibly beautiful in our own unique ways.”


Nailah Blades is a writer, speaker and coach.

“You are the only you in existence. The deeper you go and the more you give of your true self in your life and work, the more incomparable you’ll become.” ~Kate Watson


Kate’s words are just a teensy appetizer of the rich repast that is The Inspired Way. This lovely little book is chock full of delicious turns of phrase written by beautiful, wise women—women just like you! The Inspired Way is not just a collection of sweet bonbons—it’s juicy, hardy soul food. You’ll find so many different flavors and recipes to explore the pivotal question: “What is the key ingredient to living an inspired, purpose-driven life?” From Kim Manley Ort’s admonition to pay attention, to Lisa Hsia’s advice to become a “you whisperer,” to Desiree Adaway’s wisdom that risk and opportunity go together “like peas and carrots.”


The Inspired Way is like having coffee with an incredibly wise friend or going to a party with 22 of the most amazing women you can possibly imagine. No matter how you use this lovely book, you’ll find mountains of inspiration in its words and images, enough to fuel you on your own journey to the life your heart calls you to live.


Tara Rodden Robinson is known as The Productivity Maven. She writes on productivity, spirituality, and much more on her blog,